Popup Layout Pack For Divi

Popups | Slide-ins | Notification bars

With this popups layout pack for Divi, you can create beautiful popups, slide-ins, and notification bars that grab the attention of your visitors.

Guide Your Visitors

Guider your visitors to the right pages / places of your website.

Get More Email Subscribers

Grow your email list and turn them into sales in your email campaign.

Promote Your Offers

Turn new visitors into first-time buyers by promoting your best offers



Fully customizable

All the popups are fully customizable within the visual builder



You can trigger the popups with a link, on scroll, exit intent or with a label.

Display options

You can use the popups in the theme builder and use all the placement options.

Use any Divi module

You can place any Divi module in the popups. 

5 different positions to
show the slide-in






4 ways to
trigger the popup


The label will grab the atention of your visitors and encourage them to click on it. This is a great way to show your services, your contact info or let your visitors fill in a quote form.

Button / link

You can trigger a popup with a button or link. For example you can create a quote form as a popup and trigger this with buttons on your page.


You can set a point on a page to trigger the popup. This is a great way to grab your visitor’s attention and give them a special offer.


When a visitor is leaving your website you can trigger a popup with the exit-intent trigger and give them a final offer.

All examples are included

How It Works

Import your popup 

After importing the popups / slide-ins into your Divi library you can import them on any page or in the Divi Theme Builder.

Customize your popup

Customize your popup / slide-in in the visual builder. You can place any Divi module in the popup / slide-in.

Choose your trigger

You can choose between different triggers for your popup / slide-ins.
  • Button/link
  • Label
  • Scroll
  • Exit-intent
New demos will be added and are included in this package